greenhouse companies

Aytekin Group is the main representative of the companies which are active in the green housing, iron and steel sectors of Turkey.
Aytekin Group’s main interests are the most innovative and fast growing sectors like Iron-Steel, Greenhouse, Projects (Agriculture) and Industry of Turkey.

The companies affiliated to the Aytekin Group operate in more than 50 countries and marketing their products in various countries and regions of Europe, Middle East, Asia and North Africa. Thanks to its prestige and brand image, more than 50 years of knowledge and experience, Aytekin Group has grown up in its main areas of activity and has become a community that contributes to the development of the Turkish Economy.

Beside the financial, strategic, business development and human resources services provided to the connected companies, the identifying of the Grub’s vision and strategies allows the Aytekin Group to increase synergies and develop brand value, innovative products and services.