Dış Ticaret FirmalarıAytekin Foreign Trade carries out the import and export activities of our group companies and other companies. Aytekin Group, serving the Turkish industry since 1968, has been a leading provider in the metal sector with several subsidiaries. Boray Boru aims to gain a new dimension in the pipe and profile sector with special products, as well as products with special lengths and special shaped profiles. It will meet the needs of many companies in both foreign and domestic market by combining the quick and flexible production demands of the domestic markets with special types. Aytekin Group will provide its customers with information and experience over 40 years in the iron and steel, in the production of pipe and profiles as well, without making concessions from its quality standarts.

To become a global brand by creating distinctive solutions

To meet the quick and flexible customer demands in the domestic and foreign market with our special products as well as the products of special lengths and special sections in the best way, and support the development of the sector by making innovations in the sector, without making concessions from continuous customer satisfaction, target and quality

Respect to the Environment and Society, Respect to the People and Labour, Customer Orientation Productivity Being Scientific Change and Development Empathy and Dedication Reconciliation and Cooperation Honesty, Reliability, Loyalty, Social responsibility, Corporate Justice and Equality, Innovation, Transparency, Sustainable, Profitable Growth, Total Quality, Teamwork and Governance
Our family of consumers, assemblers and sellers who trust in our company, in other words, our customers; our ability to ensure the consumer and stakeholder satisfaction; our Leader brand; our sectoral knowledge and experience for over 40 years; Reconciliation, our human resources constantly increasing its personal quality with regard to change and sharing; Our organization structure; Our corporate culture, Our common corporate culture; Our Management skills; Our communication skills; Our financial capabilities; Our Advanced technology, Our premises,
A master in its productive role that it undertakes globally, That does not manage the customer, Allowing for the governance with the customer, Of which decision is reduced to the base, That does not make promises that it cannot keep, That keeps its promises by producing works before the deadline and with zero fault, That believes in beyond competition rather than competition with the competitors, in other words “creating different tracks”, That avoids wastefulness, That places emphasizes on the efficiency, source and cost management in each field That does not allow for the crisis, That places emphasis on the problem and process management Working in order to become a global brand in its field That believes in the understanding of becoming continuously better and more excellent than the best, That does not take risks, That manages the risk That awards the success

Our Foreign Trade Team

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Murat KAHRAMANLanguages : Russian - English - Turkish