greenhouse construction equipmentsActively operating in the Turkish industry since 1968, Aytekin Sera has embedded over 40 years of experience in its advanced manufacturing technology, serving Turkish agriculture by manufacturing and procuring greenhouse equipment. With an annual manufacturing capacity of 40.000 in modern greenhouse construction items, galvanized profiles and connection equipment, the firm has emerged as the Greenhouse Manufacturing Hub of Turkey.

Aytekin Sera conducts its manufacturing operations in a closed area of 12.000 m2 and acts as a mediator for modern greenhouse projects with its products of approved quality and authentic designs.

Able to build capacity with qualified human resources, Aytekin Sera marches towards to goal of becoming a global firm with a customer-oriented approach and outstanding investment projects.

Ø Leading brand
Ø Ability to ensure customer and stakeholder satisfaction
Ø Over 40 years of experience and accumulated knowledge
Ø Human resources following a line of agreement, change, sharing and constant improvement
Ø Consumers who put their trust in our firm and our family of installation staff and vendors
Ø Organizational structure
Ø Advanced technology and facilities
Ø Corporate culture
Ø Communication skills
Ø Management skills
Ø Financial capabilities
Ø Making decisions at the base level
Ø Good grasp of the role we play globally
Ø Not governing customers but establishing governance with them
Ø Making only promises we know we will fulfill prior to expiration of agreed deadlines with zero tolerance for error
Ø Not allowing crises to happen by paying attention to problem and process management
Ø Belief in super-competitiveness rather than competing against competitors, i.e. ‘creating new lanes’
Ø Avoiding waste and caring about efficiency as well as resource and cost management in all fields
Ø Pursuing the objective of achieving better than the best and attaining perfection
Ø Working towards becoming a global brand
Ø Not taking but managing risks
Ø Rewarding success

Maintaining our leadership in the production of greenhouse materials, in our country.


Taking the sinking resources and increasing global population into account and utilizing recyclable resources as efficiently as possible on the basis of environmental awareness; coming up with technologic solutions to food shortage problems faced by people all around the world; generating employment capacity by making new investments; and playing a pioneering role for the feature with our specialized staff by performing work that can cast light on future needs and expectations of our customers.

Ø Innovation
Ø Productivity
Ø Transparency
Ø Total quality
Ø Respect for the environment and society
Ø Respect for humans and labor
Ø Customer-oriented approach
Ø Scientific approach
Ø Selflessness and solidarity
Ø Change and advancement
Ø Empathy and agreement
Ø Honesty, reliability, loyalty
Ø Social accountability
Ø Corporate justice and equality
Ø Sustainable profitable growth
Ø Teamwork and governance
Ø Efficiency