wrought ironAytekin Wrought Iron stepped into Turkish Industry in 1968 integrated its 40 years of experience with advanced technology. With its yearly production capacity of 7.000 tons, unique designs, qualified human resources, extensive dealer network; it is one of the biggest manufacturers of Turkish Decorative Iron Production Sector. Adopting customer satisfaction and renewable quality as a principle Aytekin Wrought Iron paces towards its new goals by valuing innovations, its ability to create ability, world standard products, its closeness to national and international logistics centres, investment projects, valuing environment and human beings and the fact that it is a global firm.<br></p>

To become the leader modern greenhouse project producer that
is an indispensable brand with its creativity, technology and
quality and that ensures the constant customer satisfaction

To fulfill the expectations of the customers completely
with our creative and expert staff, to create solutions for the future
by thinking about the future expectations of the people from today with
our visional point of view having regard to the world population and
natural resources and provide benefit to the people

  • Respect towards the Environment and Society
  • Respect towards the People and Labour
  • Customer Orientation
  • Productivity
  • Being Scientific
  • Change and Development
  • Empathy and Reconciliation
  • Devotion and Solidarity
  • Honesty, Reliability, Faithfulness
  • Social responsibility
  • Corporate Justice and Equality
  • Innovativeness
  • Transparency
  • Sustainable Profitable Growth
  • Total Quality
  • Team Work and Governance
  • Productivity
  • Our family of consumers, assemblers and salespeople who trust our institution, in other words our customers
  • Our ability to ensure customer and shareholder satisfaction
  • Our leader brand
  • Our sectoral accumulation of knowledge and experience over 40 years
  • Our human resources that constantly increase their personal quality in terms of reconciliation, change and sharing
  • Our organisational structure
  • Our corporate culture
  • Our management skills
  • Our communication skills
  • Our financial capabilities
  • Our advanced technology, Our facilities
  • Dominating its productive role that it has taken in the global sense
  • That does not manage the customer and that allows the governance with the customer
  • That has degraded the decision to the base
  • That does not make promises which it cannot take and that takes its promise by creating works before its time and with zero fault
  • That believes in above competition that competing with the competitors, in other words “creating a different lane”
  • That refrains from wastage and places importance onproductivity and resource and cost management in any field
  • That does not allow for crisis and places importance on problem and process
  • That works towards becoming a global brand in its field
  • That believes in the understanding of constantly better from the best
  • That does not take risks, but manages the risk
  • That awards the success